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Shanghai Deqiansheng Industrial & Trade Co.Ltd. is trading house focusing on international trade.

Since its inception in 2004, Shanghai Deqiansheng Industrial & Trade Co.Ltd. (DQS) has been dedicating to introducing good products and technology world wide into Chinese market. As a result, our susidiary Jiangxi Fokmann Traffic Safety Facility Co.Ltd. has become one of the leading suppliers in China's road safety industry. Our annual revenue exceeds RMB100 million.

DQS has also been providing products and services to the world from China. Our clients come from many countries. We produce and sell from China to lower our clients' costs. Client satisfaction is our aim.

Our business covers import and export of road safety solutions such as guardrail manufacturing, road marking construction, airpot rubber removal service and other raod safety accessories.

Our vision

We believe the world is a big and integrated market, each country has it own advantage, if every country provides products and services that they have cost effectiveness, the world's overall welfare increases.


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